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Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, April is an accomplished professional with 20 years' experience in public relations. She has spent the past decade devoted to the integration of marketing and public relations with social, digital and new medias. Her traditional marketing and PR experience drive her passion for the digital world and her understanding of the challenges marketers and communications professionals face. She believes the future of marketing and public relations is dependent on digital communications and social media, and strives to teach businesses and individuals strategies for integrating and implementing successful campaigns.

April also has 16 years in the entertainment industry working with audio and video production. She was a pioneer in new media technologies such as enhanced CDs, CD plus, and CD extra, and was one of the first to implement netcast streaming technologies broadcasting music online 24/7. She is passionate about the production of quality media for use on social channels to enhance marketing and public relations campaigns.

She is currently working with some of her favorite entertainers and brands as a social media, public relations and digital communications consultant. But, her biggest inspiration, and what she is most passionate about, is helping others live life on purpose, with purpose and without fear of excelling to the edges of their passion.


"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" ~Unknown

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