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Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, April is an accomplished professional with 20 years' experience in public relations. She has spent the past decade devoted to the integration of marketing and public relations with social, digital and new medias. Her traditional marketing and PR experience drive her passion for the digital world and her understanding of the challenges marketers and communications professionals face. She believes the future of marketing and public relations is dependent on digital communications and social media, and strives to teach businesses and individuals strategies for integrating and implementing successful campaigns. April also has 16 years in the entertainment industry working with audio and video production. She was a pioneer in new media technologies such as enhanced CDs, CD plus, and CD extra, and was one of the first to implement netcast streaming technologies broadcasting music online 24/7.She is passionate about the production of quality media for use on social channels to enhance marketing and public relations campaigns. She is currently working with some of her favorite entertainers and brands as a social media, public relations and digital communications consultant.

Change This!

Today I was honored to receive news that my Change This proposal has been accepted. The proposal is for the publishing of The Compassionista’s Manifesto – Proposal #276: Compassionista’s Manifesto - A Guide Along Your Journey to Bliss and a Purposeful Life.

In order to be published I need your vote.  Please follow the link above or use the “Vote Now” link below this excerpt.

Are you in need of change? In a bad relationship? Working a job you hate? Feeling empty or unfulfilled? Overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations? Overloaded with baggage from the past? Wherever you are, you are not alone. This guide will safely navigate you into a welcoming harbor of self-discovery.


Every person has a passion. You deserve to find it and experience the indescribable happiness that comes from embracing your passion and following your dream. My wish is that you understand your power – that you feel the magic that happens when you overcome your fears and become your true self.

Vote Now! http://changethis.com/proposal/show/276

How to Be a Freelance Failure in 7 Easy Steps

Earlier this month I was honored to be featured on Freelance Switch as a guest blogger. Freelance Switch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world. Their blog covers an array of topics about life as a freelancer, and their site features job boards, forums and other resources for freelancers.

Here’s an excerpt from the post. For the full post follow the link at the bottom:

If you’re really going to make the freelance switch you have to get yourself in order. Branding, organization, and time-management are keys to freelance success. You must be pro-active, personable, and determined. You need practical advice on what to do, if you’ve decided to make the switch to freelancing. But let’s first explore what not to do (with a little humor added in).

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Forming Habits to Elevate your Professional and Personal Happiness

Today I am honored to be featured on the 12 Most blog. This morning author Charles Duhigg was interviewed on the Today Show about his new book, “The Power of Habit,” The book explores and exposes how habits essentially rule our lives. By learning how to shape them ourselves, we can entirely turn our lives around. I’ve found this to be true in my own life. Along the way I also discovered that by applying 12 simple daily habits you can elevate your life and increase happiness in your professional and personal environments. What habits do you have that are elevating your life?


Finding real happiness and love of life is not an easy task. I struggled with this for a long time. I was focused on a future happiness I couldn’t attain for worrying, wondering, and second-guessing myself in the present.

Once I realized I was exchanging the beauty of the present moment for anxiety about the future, I learned to accept myself in a way that once seemed impossible. I began to understand that happiness is a choice and even simple daily actions bring the present into focus and make a big difference in the world around me.

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12 Most Practical Habits to Easily Elevate Your Life


The Link Between Business Ethics and Customer Loyalty

The Link Between Business Ethics and Customer Loyalty April Lynne Scott Professional Blog

Think ethics don’t matter? According to a study by 23red, 91% of consumers say brand behavior is an influential factor in making purchases. Can you afford to lose 91% of your business because your company isn’t interested in ethical practices? I didn’t think so.

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Hire a Girl Scout: The secret to engaged communities, loyal customers, strong leadership… and cookies


During my morning cup of coffee a friend’s photo came across my social feed. A simple stack of brightly colored boxes, her status read:

“Heaven awaited me at work today.”

What followed was a slew of comments – in several different languages… friends, co-workers, and followers all voicing their love of the limited-time-only, highly-coveted Girl Scout Cookie. Thin Mints, Samoas, and Savannah Smiles… these cookies evoke such emotion.

Girl Scout Cookies April Lynne Scott Professional Blog

Photo Credit: Mary McCoy

Honestly, I have never been a big fan of Girl Scout Cookies. I’m not a fan of boxed cookies in general. When I eat cookies, which really isn’t all that often, I want hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. I just don’t really get it. But knowing the allegiance – no, obsession – everyone else has for these little morsels of goodness I wonder how they’ve created such a loyal following.

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How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love With You

Do your customers love you? Relationships take time and effort. Turning that relationship into love requires consistent engagement that is timely and personal. You may wonder if you can afford to devote resources to a concept like love. The better question is, can you afford not to?

Why should you care if your customer loves you?

Valentines Love Heart April Lynne Scott

Customers in Love:
1. They tell everyone they know how great you are.
2. They keep coming back again and again.
3. They spend more time with you.
4. They spend more money on you.
5. They are loyal & stay loyal – even when things get tough.
6. They will help you reach your goals

Convinced? So, how do you get them to fall love? …and stay in love?

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Giants #WIN, Advertisements #FAIL

For me, the Super Bowl was a great experience. My team won, I had the most amazing spicy guacamole to munch on during the game, and I had a great time with friends in person and online.

Mark Herzlich Super Bowl April Lynne Scott

Disappointed, though? Yes. Not with the game, but with the advertisers and their so-called “social media integration” I had high hopes for brands this year… high hopes for this being the catalyst to transform television into the social TV of the future. What a big let down. Continue reading

Super-Social Super Bowl

Super Bowl Social Media April Lynne ScottI’ve been a football fan since I attended my first game at 2 weeks old. [That's right - I said "2 weeks old"] I don’t remember a time I didn’t love the sport. As a kid, my team wasn’t good enough to go to the Super Bowl, but I still remember the anticipation waiting for the big game every year.

My team didn’t make it again this season, but this year I have something else to look forward to: The SuperMediaSocialBowl. Continue reading

Social TV: Media + Conversation

Social TV: Media + ConversationRealizing they’re arriving a little late to this party, entertainment marketers are scrambling to find new ways to join the social media event. From awards shows to the upcoming Superbowl, show check-ins via GetGlue and TV tagging with Shazam, their aim is to increase fan loyalty and audience viewership in order to [fingers crossed] see a positive ROI – but are they just spinning their wheels? Continue reading