Change This!

Today I was honored to receive news that my Change This proposal has been accepted. The proposal is for the publishing of The Compassionista’s Manifesto – Proposal #276: Compassionista’s Manifesto - A Guide Along Your Journey to Bliss and a Purposeful Life.

In order to be published I need your vote.  Please follow the link above or use the “Vote Now” link below this excerpt.

Are you in need of change? In a bad relationship? Working a job you hate? Feeling empty or unfulfilled? Overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations? Overloaded with baggage from the past? Wherever you are, you are not alone. This guide will safely navigate you into a welcoming harbor of self-discovery.


Every person has a passion. You deserve to find it and experience the indescribable happiness that comes from embracing your passion and following your dream. My wish is that you understand your power – that you feel the magic that happens when you overcome your fears and become your true self.

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The Link Between Business Ethics and Customer Loyalty

The Link Between Business Ethics and Customer Loyalty April Lynne Scott Professional Blog

Think ethics don’t matter? According to a study by 23red, 91% of consumers say brand behavior is an influential factor in making purchases. Can you afford to lose 91% of your business because your company isn’t interested in ethical practices? I didn’t think so.

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