How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love With You

Do your customers love you? Relationships take time and effort. Turning that relationship into love requires consistent engagement that is timely and personal. You may wonder if you can afford to devote resources to a concept like love. The better question is, can you afford not to?

Why should you care if your customer loves you?

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Customers in Love:
1. They tell everyone they know how great you are.
2. They keep coming back again and again.
3. They spend more time with you.
4. They spend more money on you.
5. They are loyal & stay loyal – even when things get tough.
6. They will help you reach your goals

Convinced? So, how do you get them to fall love? …and stay in love?

You’re probably already using content: photos, video, social media, blogs, and countless other tactics. But still no love.┬áIf your customers aren’t already head over heels, it might be time to change your perspective. Your customer is more than just a number – more than a source of revenue. They are human. They have feelings. They deserve respect. Oh, and they want to love you.

1. Forget about customer satisfaction and believe in customer love
2. Stop campaigning and start conversing
3. Remember the love you take is equal to the love you make

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1. Do your homework
Know your customer. Find out what they like. Do they use facebook or Twitter? YouTube or Pinterest? Use this information to engage, create conversation, and make connections.

2. Be yourself
Nobody likes a phony. Be honest. Show your personality and show them you care. Keep it real.

3. Dress to kill
Be memorable, attractive, and a little mysterious. Create quality content and keep your communities in shape. Be dynamic to stand out from the crowd.

4. Tickle their funny bone
It’s about being on the same wavelength with your customer. Find, share, and create content to keep them laughing. Inject fun in your relationship.

5. You.. complete me
Speak to them like they matter. If you’re only thinking about your side of the conversation your customer will feel ignored. Listen. Ask the right questions. Show them respect and talk with them, not at them.

6. Sweet emotion
Feelings are a big part of relationships. Tell them how you will contribute to their life. How will you make life less stressful, easier, or more productive? Tell them how you will inspire them, make them happy, solve their problems, quiet their worries. Connect with your their emotions and they will love you forever.

7. Turn them on
You want them to look forward to hearing from you again and again. Being bland and boring isn’t going to cut it. Find out what your customer wants and give it to them.

8. Turn up the sexy
Create anticipation! What’s the most provacative thing you’re willing to say about your brand? Get their attention. Be relatable. Dazzle them with creativity. Make the ordinary extraordinary.

9. Give them space
Don’t be obsessive and annoying. There’s a fine line between connecting to your customer and inundating them on every channel at the same time shoving your message down their throats. Integrate your strategies and let your channels work together to complete the package.

10. A Matter of Trust
Listen when they need to talk. Respond and share in return. Respect and support them and let them know they matter day after day after day. Trust is a committment of time and energy that pays off big in the end.

11. The unexpected
Girls love… [errr, I mean customers love] surprises! The kind of magical surprises that brighten their day, make them want to tell their friends, and make them feel special.

12. The three magic words
If you love your customers tell them. It’s that simple.

Things aren’t always peachy keen, but that’s just part of a long-term relationship. Learn to listen better. Never take them for granted. Learn to say you’re sorry. Deal with problems quickly and be straight-forward. Harness the power of your love to go above and beyond to repair any damange.

Your customers already like you just because they know you. But what your customers really want is to love you. Creating meaningful, long-term, emotional connections with your customers will make them fall head over heels in love.

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