Forming Habits to Elevate your Professional and Personal Happiness

Today I am honored to be featured on the 12 Most blog. This morning author Charles Duhigg was interviewed on the Today Show about his new book, “The Power of Habit,” The book explores and exposes how habits essentially rule our lives. By learning how to shape them ourselves, we can entirely turn our lives around. I’ve found this to be true in my own life. Along the way I also discovered that by applying 12 simple daily habits you can elevate your life and increase happiness in your professional and personal environments. What habits do you have that are elevating your life?


Finding real happiness and love of life is not an easy task. I struggled with this for a long time. I was focused on a future happiness I couldn’t attain for worrying, wondering, and second-guessing myself in the present.

Once I realized I was exchanging the beauty of the present moment for anxiety about the future, I learned to accept myself in a way that once seemed impossible. I began to understand that happiness is a choice and even simple daily actions bring the present into focus and make a big difference in the world around me.

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12 Most Practical Habits to Easily Elevate Your Life